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WAMS HOME AND SCHOOL NEWS –updated December 11, 2018

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Help us show appreciation for our WAMS teachers and staff! Please donate here to the annual Teacher’s Tea. Gift cards will be used to purchase all needed items. Thank you for your donation. Deadline for gift card drop-off is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14Please drop-off your gift card in an envelope noted for Teacher’s Tea, the dollar amount, and your name to: Stacey Hogan at 1 Bartram Court OR Liz Sanfilippo 595 Sentinel Road. Gift cards may also be sent in with your child and/or dropped off in the WAMS school office.



With the holidays approaching, don’t forget to clip the Box Tops for Education logos in products that you use every day.  Send any clipped Box Tops into school with your child or drop off in the collection box by the main office.  For more details contact Cheryl Roberts: cherylroberts@comcast.net

WAMS Home & School Meeting 9/7/18–Minutes 


Laura Frederico (WAMS Chair) called meeting to order 9:34. Introduced herself, Alison Oatway (Co-chair), Jen Brinkman (Secretary).


Dr. Scott McCartney, Superintendent

  • Welcome to new school year. Things coming up to speed quickly.
  • Open-door/phone/email policy – reach out with any issues to person most appropriate. Policy – 48 hrs to respond to email. Can find info on website, can contact front office.
  • Back to School Nights coming – not teacher conference. Big picture – district-wide strategic planning process for 3 year goals. Interviewing candidates to help the process. Parent input welcome.


Mr. Matt Keith, Principal

  • Introduced new Vice Principal, Sherry Caravano.
  • Thanked H&S for new laptop bars and collaboration tables. New signs, conference room – to be used for professional development, H&S meetings. New TVs – will go on collaboration tables to be used as monitors for collaboration areas. New IT help desk in media center.
  • New schedule – up and running. 51 min classes – allows for more depth. Some elective type classes larger. Master schedule changes next year will help. Core class size has lowered with new schedule without changing staffing.
  • Drop off – If anyone has high school and WAMS students, please drop off here at WAMS (high school kids can walk over on sidewalk). Dangerous for WAMS students to get dropped off in middle of parking lot. Afternoons -2 lines in interior parking lot.
  • Clubs and activities start next week – give kids chance to settle into school/routine. Clubs end in time for 3:15 bus. Skeleton run – don’t go to exact spots, but close. Town and Country buses. Late bus 4:20.
  • Popular music 7 and 8 are entirely different courses. No worries if kids have class both years.
  • Safety procedure – we’re asked questions at speaker when we buzz to get in. If picking up nurse, stay in vestibule, nurse will bring child out to you. Have ID. Limit number of people in building. No lobby guard yet, being discussed with H&S and MEF.


Melissa Burns, President of H&S

  • H&S is 100% volunteer. Encouraged everyone to join to participate in H&S run events. Any suggestions, concerns, questions – reach out to Melissa anytime.
  • Open positions at WAMS – STEM Day. Maggie Ladik and Harry Faunce volunteered. Jamie Fairchild
  • BOE meetings. Usually third Wed of month at WAMS media center 7pm. 3 open positions for BOE, 5 candidates running. Oct 29 Meet the Candidates Night – sponsored by H&S, run by League of Women Voters. Great time to meet candidates, can ask questions.
  • Lobby Guard – officer scans ID. Get picture taken. Return tag when you leave. Much different procedure. Pilot program at high school. Learn more at BOE meeting.
  • Home & School – not just do staff appreciation lunches and assemblies. We did booster thon at elementary schools – raised a lot of money. As a result, every elementary school got money to do big project – new ipads, chromebooks, charging stations, gaga pits, inclusion playground at Roberts. Mural at UES, Stand Up/Stand Out anti-bullying banners at high school. We also partnered with MEF (Moorestown Education Foundation) to get entire district (7 buildings – 6 schools plus admin) school guard 911 app. Allows anyone in school to reach out for help, teacher assistance, 911 emergency help. Easy to use on smartphone. GPS button if emergency situations. Last year, pilot program. Joretta asked about spotty cell service. Not perfect, generally teachers know the spots, can try to work around. Dria asked if in use now. Pilot program last year, just rolled out this fall. Teachers had introduction to it in spring in-service. Discussed before school.
  • Apparel on sale at BTSN and online.


Laura Frederico, WAMS Chair

  • STEM covered – thanks, Harry Faunce, Maggie Ladik, Zohreh Vojdani. Fri, March 29.
  • Jamie Fairchild volunteered.
  • BTSN decorating – Harry Faunce arranging decorations with Flaggs.
  • Overview of year – No author day. (Author is incredibly expensive – transportation too much, author won’t travel.) Sept 28 – one book, one day. A lot of events tied into book. Another bullying assembly – TBD. IROQ assembly every year for school, every other year for parents. (Next year for parents). Halloween Dance, Teacher Tea in Dec, movie afternoon, STEM day, April pep rally, Staff Appreciation Luncheon in May, 8th Grade Awards Night, breakfast & dance.
  • Asked parents preference on meeting monthly or bi-monthly? Tara – poor attendance at lower elementary schools, here at WAMS and high school parents attend. Parents seemed in agreement that meetings well attended, preference for monthly meetings.


Jamie Fairchild, Giftwrap Chair

  • Sept 24-Oct 12. Forms in 2 wks backpacked home. Items by Thanksgiving. Keep eye out for catalog – good holiday items & middle school appropriate items.


Questions –

  • Do we do “opt out” option in lieu of fundraiser? You can always make a donation. Always your choice. You will still get emails/forms/catalogs, but feel free to make your own choices.
  • Discussion on fundraisers. Coupon books – no longer, logistical nightmare. Last year, participated in Boosterthon at all 3 elementary schools – made a huge amount of money. Teachers and principals were happy with it. VERY easy. Presentations on character building. NOT big assemblies – 5 minutes of class time. This year at UES. Will flip flop between elementaries and UES. Will allow us to give money to schools for special projects. Reduce number of fundraisers so we’re not asking for money all the time. Harry – we need to advocate for H&S. Be a member, make sure friends are members. HUGE chunk of our budget just comes from membership. If people don’t join, it’s lost revenue. If everyone joined, we wouldn’t have to fundraise!!! We need our volunteers covered by our insurance.
  • Calendar? Membership Chairs have at each school, will be sending home soon (as people join).
  • Apparel? On sale now on website, items will also be for sale at BTSN.


Alison Pond, WAMS rep for Sandy Hook Promise

  • Non-partisan, no cost initiative aimed at providing info for teachers and students about inclusion, learning signs, how to identify at-risk students, what to do with that information. Not part of H&S. Next meeting Sept 17 at Methodist Church at 7pm. Enormous support at Moorestown Day. NO cost to school.


Motion to Adjourn – Caroline Megill 10:33.



Laura Federicko, Alison Oatway, Jen Brinkman, Olga Pineda, Jamie Fairchild, Harry Faunce, Nancy Poljak, Kim Bunn, Allison Pond, Melissa Burns, Anne Cantwell, Deb Rockell, Nancy DiPasquale, Lauren Romano, Victoria Hordis, Dria Law, Joretta Wong, Jacqueline Strigel, Scott P. McCartney, Melisaa Vallila, Maggie Ladik, Christine Crane, Caroline Megill, Michele Connnor, Zohreh Vojdani, Tara Keenan


Minutes submitted 9/9/18 by Jen Brinkman