Executive Committee Overview

The 13 person Moorestown Home and School Association’s Board of Trustees is comprised of 7 Officers and 6 School Chairs. These 13 Trustees, in combination with the 35 District Chairs, constitute the 48 person H&S Executive Committee. Each member  has 1 vote and serves for a 2 year term.

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Executive Committee (all positions serve a 2 year term):

Officers: **click here for Job Descriptions – Officers**

1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
3rd Vice President
Assistant Treasurer for Ways & Means

Balance of Executive Committee (all positions serve a 2 year term):

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Executive School Chairs ***also Trustees and sit on the H&S Board
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Responsibilities of Executive Committee:
1. The Committee understands, accepts, and supports the mission of the Moorestown Home and
School Association (“H&S”) as stipulated in the By-Laws and Article of Incorporation.
2. Committee members are:
a. Faithful in their attendance at regular and special Executive/District meetings
b. Diligent in reviewing the information provided to them prior to the Executive meetings
c. Willing to assist H&S in operating requirements, special projects, fundraising, and
seeking others to support the efforts of H&S
d. Continuing to report to their respective school memberships, the projects of H&S
and to seek their respective financial and public support.
3. The Committee reviews and adopts an annual operating budget at the annual meeting and
regularly monitors performance against it throughout the year.
4. The Committee regularly monitors the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.
5. The Committee regularly reviews the performance of the volunteers under the guidance of the
6. The Committee regularly reviews the performance and ethics of the Committee Chairs.
Any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest are reported to the respective VPs or
7. The Committee approves proposed changes to the By-Laws and enforces the provisions
8. The Committee approves the specific policies necessary to appropriately guide the
organization such as handling of confidential reports and files, record retention and
destruction, etc.
9. The Membership elects annually:
a. Trustees in accordance with the By-Laws of such organization
b. Committee Chairs and co-chairs in accordance with the By-Laws of such
c. Approval of the operating budget at the annual meeting
d. Approves By-Law revisions based on the review schedule set forth in the By- Laws.
10. Act in the best interests of the membership of H&S.
11. Promote and publicize the work of H&S benefits to the school community.
12. Assist the leadership whenever possible with your time and talents.
13. Participate with objective and constructive suggestions or critiques or ways to improve service
and image of H&S.
14. Seek ways for H&S to provide supplementary assistance, social or financial to the school wide
15. No Executive Committee Member is empowered to execute an agreement on behalf of
AND TO GET OTHERS TO GIVE AND SERVE. We work in a service related business
constrained by our mission and our resources, where support functions are severely limited. More
effort is required of the Committee than merely being advisors. We need both advice and
closure, follow through hands on assistance with a project until finished or self-sustaining.