The following Off-Board committees and organizations work side-by-side with Moorestown Home and School to support our children:


AGTS – stands for Art Goes to School, and though not an official off-board committee, helps support the arts  in our schools. For more information on AGTS, please click here: AGTS News


CASA – stands for Community Alliance on Substance Abuse and was formed in Moorestown 20 plus years ago. They are an organization which takes a proactive interest in keeping our children substance free. For more information on CASA, please click here: CASA News or visit their website at


MoorArts –  stands for Moorestown Arts Advocacy Council and is a non-profit organization that provides MTPS teacher grants, student scholarships and events in the fine and performing arts. For more information on MoorArts, please click here MoorArts News or visit their website at


MooreKids – is an non profit organization working with MTPS staff and administrators to identify and address the needs of the township’s low-income student population. Programs and projects are developed and implemented based on direct feedback from MTPS staff, who are most directly involved with the children. For more information on MooreKids, please click here MooreKids News or visit their website at


MEF – stands for the Moorestown Education Foundation and is a non-profit foundation providing education programs and initiatives for the Moorestown Township School District. For more information on the MEF, please click here MEF News or visit their website at


PACE – stands for Partnership for Acceleration, Challenge and Enrichment and represents the collaborative effort among parents, teachers, administrators and the Board of Education. The committee promotes learning and understanding about giftedness, advocates for gifted and talented education, and finds ways to support gifted youngsters and their families. For more information on PACE, please click here PACE News or visit their page on the MTPS website by clicking on the following link:


PG – stands for Project Graduation and is a sub-committee of the MEF. PG is a program offered by many high schools in the United States, in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation party, as a safer alternative to student-run events on graduation night. For more information on PG, please click here PG News.


SpEAC – stands for Special Education Advocacy Council and is a parent run organization that provides a forum for parents to discuss important challenges facing our children in the schools and community.  We collaborate with administration and teachers to improve programs, and promote an atmosphere of open communication, understanding and mutual respect among students, parents and the community. For more information on SpEAC, please click here SpEAC News or visit their website at