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Moorestown adopted Project Graduation 28 years ago as an annual community sponsored event. This all-night, drug & alcohol free graduation celebration intends to keep our high school graduates and community safe. This year on June 22, immediately following graduation, our students will leave the high school on buses that will promenade down Main Street on their way to “secret” locations. Committee members & school staff volunteers will be waiting to help them enjoy a night with friends, delicious food, fun games and prize giveaways! Fundraising efforts are in full force! Please support PG with a tax-deductible donation. For online donations, visit or mail check payable to MEF/Project Graduation to Moorestown PG, c/o Moorestown High School, 350 Bridgeboro Rd. Questions? Contact Lynn Rohrbach





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Project Graduation is a nationwide initiative that began 36 years ago in Oxford Hills, Maine, in response to seven alcohol and drug-related teen deaths that occurred during graduation celebration.  Moorestown adopted Project Graduation 27 years ago as an annual community-sponsored event for our high school graduates. This event is a safe, all-night, alcohol and drug-free alternative to teenage parties. Project Graduation not only protects our MHS graduates during this one particular evening, but also serves as an example to our kids that celebrations do not need to include drugs or alcohol to be fun! MHS graduates will leave directly from the high school, immediately following their graduation ceremony and board buses headed to “secret” locations where they are entertained with games, food, and prizes while keeping the celebration going all night long. Our students and volunteers return to MHS at 5:00am the following morning – tired but safe! Traditionally, we have enjoyed over 90% student participation and hope to exceed that number this year!

 The cost of this event is over $150/per student, which is funded through the generosity of students’ families,alumni, local businesses and the Moorestown community. We hope that you will choose to support Project Graduation with a tax-deductible contribution. (Our Moorestown Education Foundation/Project Graduation is a 501(c) (3) organization).  Project Graduation is a sub-committee of the Moorestown Education Foundation (MEF); please click here to view the MEF website.

There is no better way to congratulate our graduating seniors and demonstrate your investment in our wonderful school and community than by making a donation. Over 300 Moorestown graduates, their parents and families thank you for your kindness and support!